Agua Dulce

It is good to find you once again
Here upon this our beautiful mountain
For which I give a thousand thanks to our good Lord
That He willed it to be and so it was
That this beautiful mountain cannot be moved
Like they do with tombs and graves
Stealing relics tainted by one or another
The notion that the value or worth of life
Amounts to nothing more or less
Than that which greed desires to ravish and demean
As they have done even unto Queens and Kings
They shall never do the likes of this to us
Oh thou art my, Dearest of the Dears
For that which is
Already belongs between you and I
It shall never be again, not ever
Nor will it ever be captured, caged or sold by another

Many a fair maiden did pass this way
Now as they once did we also do
We embrace and break like bread at an alter
We tear at each other’s flesh
Take eat this is my body
In the name of The Father the Son and the Holy Ghost
Take drink this is my bloo
In the name of The Father the Son and the Holy Ghost

We share stones and clay beneath our feet
As we move ever so quietly
We must not to wake the giants
Laying close beneath our feet
That measure distance and intent by sound and rhythm

The chambers of our hearts beat hard against
Our hands behold our secret dwelling
Where lust finds us always
Fluid we roam through forbidden interiors
We rage a song upon each other
Revealing our true origins
Folklore spoken in tongues
Interpretations spin the wheels
Sharp teeth cut in four times two
Equals eight chimes
Until you put one in your pocket

You see yourself in vivid dreams
Five miles north of my worst nightmare
Stalled at the gates forged with hands of gold
At one end a lion and at the other a lamb
You standing there at seven west
Knocking alone suspended
Is the moment of realization of retreat and surrender
Agua dulce will not quench this thirst
That death did give birth
For all along we did kindle the flames of
Suddenly we are both of us there where
Where two simple girls scout the earth
Each of us in our own backwoods
Warming our hearts for hours that feel more like seconds
Then we look up and days turn to months
Passing without realizing they became years
Sitting next to the embers
Of a pure fire we started so very long ago

The sun sets against Gods great forest
We are not afraid
For now in the coming of this age
We are blessed
Wisdom gives way to the knowing
There is a difference between darkness and night
Evil and good, lies and truth

It was the ground on which the foundation of our love was built
Even though many a time dared we did and thus our paths did part
We persevered the test of time and distance between us
Telling the tale of our journeys not so far apart
As the ground between us was our love did mark
The coming of a harsh cold veil found you and set winter
Upon your face and so you breathed your last breath
No healing hands were there to be laid upon you
So you become as it was in the beginning
Dust to flesh to dust again

It is not been difficult to trace your steps
But to embrace your absence devastates me
Even to this day I see you everywhere
It is difficult to manage that you were so far away
When your eyes closed you were not in my arms
The others as they planned allowed to believe
They had their way but you and I
On this mountain under moon and stars
Shared one last kiss wageing no war
So we danced around the flames and let the fire fade
Like in times ancient I am a Mayan warrior
I sit strong and proud upon Agua Dulce my pony
My back arched and my bow in the air
Streams through my fingers as I pull back tight
I release a burning arrow as two single tears escape my eyes
They slowly move across the landscape of my face
As once your fingers did
Light shoots across the night
I speak these words so loud
I am becoming roaring thunder
Again and again it is my cry for you
That year to year echo’s through the mountains trees

I am grateful and honored Eileen Griffin
For truly as we were we shall always be
Nothing and no one will ever take you from me

Petra Maricela Thompson Violetarojo
Agua Dulce Written For Eileen Griffin
November 13 ∙ 14, 2002

Eileen Griffin at home in DC
Eileen Griffin 'Washington DC at home ©Unknown

Eileen Griffin 'Cuba'
Eileen Griffin 'Cuba' ©Unknown