Brad Davis
November 6, 1949 September 8, 1991
Brad Davis rose by Violetarojo
Photograph ©Petra Maricela Thompson Violetarojo

Brad Davis holding barb wire fencing in prison scene from Midnight Express
Photograph ©Midnight Express

Robert Creel "Robert Creel "Brad" Davis, was born in Tallahassee, Florida. Brad was known as "Bobby" when he was a boy but took Brad as his stage name in 1973. Brad Davis's death was a great loss to film, theatre, his family and friends.

There have been many claims made about his addiction to drugs, alcoholism and bi-sexuality. I don't know his personal history and I seriously doubt that anyone other than those close to him could provide a factual biography of his life. What is important to me, very well known, true and obvious is that Brad Davis was a gifted young, beautiful, talented, man who died too soon.

-Petra Maricela Thompson Violetarojo

Brad Davis Midnight Express jail scene
Photograph ©Midnight Express