This post is simply to remind people that gun related massacres in the United States are not a crime of current times and has occurred as far back as the 1960’s and as early as the 1700's. The first such known incident was, ‘The Enoch Brown School’ massacre. Enoch Brown the schoolmaster was shot and scalped by a group of Delaware Lenape Native American Indians on July 26, 1764. After Enoch was killed a number of young students were then tomahawked to death and also scalped. To no avail, before his death, Enoch made an attempt to save the children begging for their lives. Nine children of fifteen died, two children survived their injuries and four children were taken prisoners. It is clear that this act of malice stemmed from Pontiac’s War/Conspiracy/Rebellion by rogue Lenape Indian warriors and was not ordered or authorized by tribal elders or leaders.

Forward are three additional recorded, historical incidents of gun related, mass murder resulting with the deaths of innocent students and onlookers.

Orangeburg, South Carolina near South Carolina State College, The Orangeburg Massacre took place on February 8, 1968 and was at the hands of South Carolina Patrol Officers who fired into a crowd of protesters who were peacefully demonstrating against segregation. Three men were killed and twenty-eight persons were injured; most of the victims were shot in the back. A woman who was noticeably pregnant was beaten by police and suffered a miscarriage a direct result of the beating.

Orangeburg Massacre
Orangeburg 1968 • Photograph ©Unknown

Second was at Kent State on Monday, May 4, 1970. The targets, students who had rallied together to peacefully protest President Nixon’s televised address on April 30, 1970 when he announced the American invasion of Cambodia. Not all the students shot were participants some were merely there observing the protest that had gone on from May 1, 1970, the shooters, The Ohio National Guard. There were 67 rounds fired over a period of 13 seconds into a crowd of students and onlookers. Four students were killed; nine others were wounded one person suffered permanent paralysis.

Kent State
Kent State 1970 • Photograph ©Unknown

Jackson State
Kent State 1970 • Photograph ©John Filo

Mary Ann Vecchio at the age of fourteen, a runaway at the time is forever captured in this photograph showing her kneeling over the body of Jeffrey Miller after he was shot dead by the Ohio National Guard.

Jeff Miller Kent State
Jeffrey Miller • Shot To Death At Kent State 1970 • Photograph ©Unknown

The third such attack was The Jackson State killings which occurred on Friday May 15, 1970, at Jackson State College/Jackson State University in Jackson, Mississippi. Just eleven days after the horrible attack on students by the Ohio National Guard at Kent State. Mississippi police city and state opened fire on a peaceful demonstration by students who had gathered to protest the same exact controversy as demonstrators at Kent State, the American invasion of Cambodia. This time two students were killed and twelve were injured.

Jackson State Massacre
Jackson State 1970 • ©Unknown

Perhaps when we are asking how and why we should be mindful of the example set years ago by our own government. There are several similarities but the most important common factor to remember is death, the sudden passing of a family member, a friend, a student, a colleague or acquaintance. We should not ever negate the endless and unforgettable pain that results from such devastating and violent loss. The pools of blood that stain our history and steal away the lives of those who are left dead on grassy knolls, or in corridors and rooms built as walkways intended to be used to fulfill ones dreams and destiny. In these three events, lives brought to an end by a soldier or law enforcement agent of the United States of America. A person licensed to carry and use a gun that was pre-screened, psychologically evaluated, schooled and trained then determined to be the person best suited for a peacekeeping job that ended with mass murder. These evaluations and promotions performed by government for government and corporation rather than, of the people, by the people, for the people. A government that now seeks to implement a new resolve to a madness and evil that they originated. The seed and legacy was initially planted and nurtured by our very own settlers and then government against Native American Indians. A tumor left untreated that has metastasized throughout the body of the original organism. It transcended and like a submicroscopic parasite it replicated data from the original sin and transformed itself as an independent psychotic behavior patterned and designed to do catastrophic harm jumping like an airborne virus from host to host.

I am not suggesting that the shootings at Orangeburg, Kent State or Jackson State are responsible for the shootings at schools or college campuses today. I am simply pointing out that there is an origin and a beginning to this evil behavior, when and where it actually began and by whom. Of which are as stated above, sins of the father or set by example, our peacekeeping agencies formed, organized and maintained by the United States government and paid for by your tax dollars.

I am here pondering why there was no outcry for gun control or executive order expedited that would have led to the attempt to tamper with Amendment II of the Bill Of Rights as we are hearing today. The answer is ever so obvious and it is this, when mass murder occurs with the United States government as conductor of a symphony of appalling acts of gun related violence and death there is sanction and permissibility. Because our government officials from the lowest branch to the highest of executive titles actually believe that they have the power to allow or order such acts and get away with it and so they do.

A reminder to all of you who are screaming for gun control via tampering with the Second Amendment, you are entrusting and endorsing the very people you should be holding accountable to execute the Second Amendment of our Bill of Rights. It is just as unbearable and unbelievable for me to watch the media coverage of a massacre as it is to watch the beginning of the end of the civil rights child that our forefathers gave birth to being murdered by the very people it was created to protect. If it transpires as politicians hope it will although not with a gun but with a signature of death it will be one of many ends to come a direct result of fear and panic tactics. For government, politicians and corporate America, mission accomplished.

-Petra Maricela Thompson Violetarojo