Music & Lyrics ©Petra Maricela Thompson Violetarojo de Cordero

Celebrity Photographs In Video ©Unknown All Other Images · Art & Video ©Petra Maricela Thompson Violetarojo de Cordero

Written For Robyn Rochelle Norman 1986 Casa Grande

I was inspired by Madonna’s project, Art for Freedom to create this video for 'On My Knees'. I wanted to emulate LGBTQ women and men and some of my friends who have passed away as well as imagery of tragic events, pop art, nature and brilliant people that have made a positive difference in my life. It’s not about the celebrity but celebrating the lives that touch us in a way that makes that life altering difference. We truly are each and every one of us created equally but we have to own it for it to belong to us. Otherwise we are sharing something we have allowed one or another to convince us is on loan to us when it is not. The persons in this video in one way or another have inspired me, or were there with me through times in my life when I was brought to tears of joy or sadness. Artists that through song or through a performance on stage or in film sacrifice so much to bring us so much, much that we take for granted and don’t truly appreciate. Our first dance at school with our first crush, close your eyes and imagine it without the song that made the moment as memorable as it is. We go out to the theatre on a date to watch a romantic film that takes us home to a night filled with passion. Or before we hit the streets to march we take four bars of courage from our favorite song. My life has been like a story that is so remarkable it is almost impossible to believe and without art, music, dance, song, voice, poetry and more, I would have vanished long ago. For me all art is life's stream of dreams come true. Gifts from God, like manna is heavenly bread to Gods ange. The arts, gifts from God are manna for my heart, my mind, my being and my soul and without art I am dead.