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Katrina was a natural disaster that escalated into a category five of frivolity and governmental malpractice. As a result of this negligence Katrina transcended into a human tragedy beyond comprehension or belief that claimed hundreds of lives and prolonged unnecessary suffering.

To error is human, this is true and it’s what we like to say when we make blatant stupid, hurtful and harmful mistakes. Perhaps we allow ourselves to manipulate the true sentiment and meaning of these words. But in turn we only serve to bastardize the context of the origin of the sentiment intended. A way of allowing one’s self to escape from the task of taking full responsibility for ones actions that ultimately proves true intent. I am so saddened to this day over what happened to the people of Louisiana & Mississippi. I do feel strongly and believe without a doubt that a greater percentage of the devastation and loss resulted from blatant acts of inaction.

I visited Louisiana in 2009, the devastation could still be seen everywhere I went. To know that hundreds of families and individuals are displaced and homeless to this day is heartbreaking and outside my scope of understanding how that is even possible. It is obvious that manuals and protocol do not work on the field no matter how rehearsed a person is. There are several issues that we must realistically address, addiction and emotional disorders that do not seem to be inclusive in disaster training programs. It is well past time to bring things as current as we possibly can in regards to the policies that are in place for handling catastrophic disaster relieve.

Earth has been pushed to the breaking point, her foundation is collapsing around us worldwide and it is going to take more than just some gauze and a superhero band aid to help her heal. The time will come when a new hybrid society will be excavating dirt and ash for human remains and asking, “Where did they come from?” It makes me wonder what their interpretation of our world will be. Oh how I do pray and wish that being kind, loving and good to your neighbor would become the next uniformed trend or one size fits all retro fashion, forgive us. -Petra Maricela Thompson Violetarojo

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