On November 22, 2014, in Cleveland, Ohio Tamir Rice (12) and his sister (14) went to the Cudell Recreation Center. Tamir had brought his toy gun with him a Airsoft replica that unfortunately was not orange capped. Police dispatch sent out a call, "black male sitting on a swing and pointing a gun at people" a squad car responded. Not two seconds upon arrival one of the police officers fired two shots that would prove fatal for Tamir. No medical attendance or concern was given to Tamir at the scene by either officer. Instead the police tackled and arrested Tamir’s sister who was trying to reach her brother after hearing the gun shots. Tamir’s sister was handcuffed and put in the squad car. Tamir’s mom, Samaria Rice also made an effort to get to Tamir but police refused to allow her to do so. Instead the police threatened to arrest Samaria if she didn’t calm down. The following day Tamir died.